Thank you for taking the time to look over these Frequently Asked Questions from our community. If you have a questions which is not answered here please get in touch, and we will be happy to help!


First make sure that you are logged in! Navigate to the menu bar located at the top of the page and select: "Account" then "My Orders". Once there you will see a list of your orders and have access to your tickets or live stream links.

Click on "My Account" located under the "Account" menu on the top right of your screen.


The seating selection chart is an interactive "seating map" which allows you to visual where your seats are. Sometimes at larger venues the seating map won't fit the default screen size so you must click and drag the map in order to reveal all available seating,

There is no need for your entire party to arrive at the same time. However please make sure that each member of your group has a copy of the ticket in order to check in.

Following CDC and The Colorado Department of Public Health Guidelines, we request that you and your party wear a mask when entering and exiting the venue, and whilst not in your assigned "pod" or section.

If you purchased an on field pod, no chairs are provided, however you are more than welcome to bring your own blankets and chairs. No large popup tents will be allowed.


If you purchased a table, then chairs are provided for up to 6 people.

Yes! There will be "ball park" style hot/cold food and beverages available for purchase from the concession stands!


Please note however that no outside food or drink will be allowed inside the venue,

Live Stream

We are working hard to implement this feature very soon!

First, please make sure that you are logged in. Then click on the "Streaming URL" link that you received in your confirmation email or on the "My Orders" page.


You can also access your purchased live stream events by going to "Account" > "My Events" > "eventname" located in the menu bar.


We generally try to start the stream early, however if you just get a loading screen then there is a good chance that we haven't started streaming yet.

Stream access is limited to one device per ticket. If you try to log in on multiple devices, the previous device will automatically be logged out.

Please sign up with another account to watch the stream on multiple devices simultaneously.